Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day Two and Three: Making an impact for God's glory

DAY TWO: Tuesday was the first official day of our mission trip. Our team started the morning with the goal of making an impact on the people of Haiti for God's glory. It ended up being the other way around. One of the most memorable moments of the day was our team providing clean water and carrying buckets of water to the people of Tent City.
While walking alongside children who are accustomed to walking in dangerous ruble without shoes, one young girl (approximately 7 years old) stepped on a nail. Our co-leader Janelle sprung into action and attended to her foot with a first aid kit. Moments later, the young girl ran right back into the dirt filled with debris, dead animals, urine, feces, and glass. This is an everyday occurrence for these children. They have no access to a bathroom in their tents. It reminds me of how much we take for granted in the comfort of our homes. We rounded out the day playing soccer with the kids of Cite Soleil with the kids involved in the Haiti Initiative program. They outscored us 4 - 0 (hee hee). Despite the gruelsome heat, we had a ton of fun! The next part of the day brought emmence joy and a profound impact. Our team spent a few hours later handing out free soccer gear them. The smiles of the soccer players when receiving new soccer cleats, shin guards, and jerseys (donated by fellow Minnesotans) are unforgettable.
DAY THREE: Today started out with a tour of Grace Village. An amazing facility on the hill that provides education, medical, and dental care to the people of Titanyen. It was nice to see our team embrace the children, absorb the methods of self-sustanence that are being instilled (aquaponics center, greenhouse, so much more). The impact of God's provisions are a blessing. We also visited the elderly. This was the most touching part of the day. As we washed their feet and fed them food and water, the most amazing thing happened. One man gave a portion of his food to the goats who appear to visit him regularly. Another woman fed half of her food to her grandkids. Despite having NOTHING of value to really call their own, they make a divine decision to give to others. An impact that will stay in my heart forever.
Our last stop included an orphanage. My bonus daughter Miranda led a fun art activity with the children. They were very engaged as they prepared handmade greeting cards while learning the fruitage of the spirit and just how much Jezi (Jesus) loves them.
As we drove back to our guesthouse, we enjoyed the cool breeze and a view of an aqua blue ocean. My daughter Jayla describes her first time in Haiti as unique. She appreciates the beautiful and not so pleasant parts of this broken island. Our prayer is that all of Haiti's beauty is restored. We continue to rejoice in being the hands and feet of Jesus and making an impact on others for HIS glory. Thank you for sharing in this journey with us and reading our blog!

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