Sunday, February 8, 2015

Highlights from our week (from those under 16)

I chose this picture because I finally got to see one of the oldest Haitian’s. Her name is Marie and she is 105.

-Josiah (age 11)


I love this photo because the kids in my arms had the need to be picked up. It fills my heart to see all of the kids dive for you.

-Mark (age 11)



Water truck was my favorite day because it felt good to give people water for free. I also liked that day because I enjoyed playing with the kids. I chose this picture because I spent most of my time with him.

-Cade (age 11)



My favorite day was water truck day because I had a blast at both stops. First stop I was nervous, then I met a little girl and she was hugging me the entire time. The second stop at the beginning was much like the first stop – many kids were excited to see us. They were yelling “Hey you!” (like they always do). This stop was much more crowded and 3 little babies were around me asking for me to pick them up. I am so glad that I had a blast on Thursday and every day! I will never forget this trip.

-Natalie (age 11)



I chose this picture because it shows how content and happy they are when they have very little.

-Micah (age 12)


This is my favorite photo. It’s my favorite because I love how the little girl is so excited to see and taste the cold water. I also love that we are able to provide clean drinking water for the Haitians so they don’t get sick.

-Hannah (age 13)



My favorite day was when we visited the elderly. Antchola was my favorite, she reminded me of my great grandma. I rubbed lotion on her hand and I felt like Jesus was with us.

-Dakota (age 14)


Day 3 - Titanyen

Today our day started with a drive up the mountain to Grace Village in Titanyen (about an hour drive from the guest house). We had  a tour of the grounds including the bread ovens, aquaponics, class rooms and family style homes. Grace used to consist of dormitory-style living but this style of living proved to not be the best way for the children to adapt due to increasing behavior issues.  Grace implemented family style living in Haitian-style homes and this has made a huge difference in the children’s behaviors and demeanor.  We played on the playground with the children and gave out soccer balls and jump ropes. After Grace Village we headed to visit three elderly (Maricia, Antchola & Marie). All 3 women were very happy and seemed very grateful to have us visit. We washed their feet and massaged their arms and legs with lotion. What a treat for all of us, visiting the elderly is a highlight of my trips, they are all so frail but so strong. I believe their faith gets them through the hardest times. Marie is about 105, amazing women, a true blessing to interact with and visit.  I would love to provide them with so much more but they are so vulnerable and anything of value or use is stolen from them.  Before we left, we sang and prayed for each of the women. I pray God heard our prayers and will continue to provide and protect these amazing women. Our last stop of the day was Shalom Orphanage. There are about 14 kids, ages range from 2-16. The kids were quiet and sweet, so very sweet.  It is a tiny place with not the greatest conditions, although the children seemed taken care of. We gave them beach balls, snacks that Cade’s class made, soccer balls, jump ropes and bubbles.  I love and hate the orphanage visits. It is so heartbreaking. I love it when I am there with them and seeing their faces light up brings me joy, but leaving tears my heart in two. I think we all want to sneak a little one to take home and love.  Finished the day off with Pizza at Pizza Amore, God truly has blessed all of us with this trip.

- Lucy

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shopping, Sharing and Spoons

Friday, February 06, 2015

We started the day off with a tour of The Apparent Project ( where we watched their artisans (who go through their training program) making pottery and medallions that would be made into jewelry and ornaments.  The selection of Haitian made beadwork made from cardboard (many made from cereal boxes donated by General Mills) was awesome.  Needless to say we are all going home with some Haitian made gifts – or for ourselves! J  All proceeds go to help mothers and fathers in poverty to be A PARENT to their children. They’re also educating and taking care of the needs of street kids who don’t have a parent. They are using media and art to make the needs of Haiti APPARENT to those who can help, and doing it all with the hope that the love of God will be made APPARENT to those who humbly serve, and He will be known as a parent to the parentless. That’s their vision from their website.

A walk to the Palms Hotel gave all some water time or just time to relax in the beautiful weather.

Our next stop was LePhere Orphanage which is home to 33 orphans ranging from 3 to 18. There was a hot game of soccer, manicures and pedicures for all the girls, and jump ropes for all.  Lots of laughs, shouts, giggles and smiles all around. This again proved the universal need to be loved…and we all gave freely.

Our tap tap went just a short distance down the road to Gertrudes, which is an orphanage for special needs children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Again, the universal need for love was evident as we played with these children. Some who had been there on prior visits noticed a great improvement in how children interacted and in their surroundings.

We arrived back at the Guest House to experience a full Haitian dinner…the food was great…again! We all shared our word that described our feelings for the day: connection, soccer, giving, stinging, love, exciting, reunion, questions, wheelchair, impact, smiles, touch, feelings, active exploration, draining, chaotic.  Our quiet time ended in a most rambunctious game of spoons! We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

God is good and we are blessed.  Thanks to all who made this trip possible…may you likewise be blessed for giving.

The Grandmas...Mavis and Nanc

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Water Truck Day

Today was very fun! We went to Cite Soleil and delivered fresh water to the poor. We played the hand slap game with all the kids in Cite Soleil. After we got back, we went swimming at the Elite Hotel. After that we played soccer with the neighborhood kids. They were REALLY good. We also gave them a soccer ball. 

- Cade and Josiah

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We are in Haiti!

We made it! 

The team is in Haiti, at the Healing Haiti guest house.  Our flight arrived early and we successfully retrieved all of our luggage, we were able to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool before an awesome taco dinner, and some on the team even had enough energy for soccer!

Everyone is tired from a long day of travel, but doing well, and looking for a day in Cite Soleil tomorrow delivering water.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Packing Party!

Ready for Haiti!
It's hard to believe something we have all be planning for and getting excited about is finally knocking on our doorstep!  Our parent/ child team leaves for Haiti in just 9 short days.  We will be gone February 4-9, 2015. 
Tonight we had our team packing party. 
Over 200 donation bags were packed up, and prayed over. 
We are ready!
Pictured below:
Hannah, Josiah, Natalie, Alicia, Dakota, Lucy, Dawn, Chris, Nancy, Mavis, Janelle, Micah, Mark, and Nate.  (Not pictured are our North Carolina contingent joining us in Miami: Jason and Cade)