Sunday, February 8, 2015

Highlights from our week (from those under 16)

I chose this picture because I finally got to see one of the oldest Haitian’s. Her name is Marie and she is 105.

-Josiah (age 11)


I love this photo because the kids in my arms had the need to be picked up. It fills my heart to see all of the kids dive for you.

-Mark (age 11)



Water truck was my favorite day because it felt good to give people water for free. I also liked that day because I enjoyed playing with the kids. I chose this picture because I spent most of my time with him.

-Cade (age 11)



My favorite day was water truck day because I had a blast at both stops. First stop I was nervous, then I met a little girl and she was hugging me the entire time. The second stop at the beginning was much like the first stop – many kids were excited to see us. They were yelling “Hey you!” (like they always do). This stop was much more crowded and 3 little babies were around me asking for me to pick them up. I am so glad that I had a blast on Thursday and every day! I will never forget this trip.

-Natalie (age 11)



I chose this picture because it shows how content and happy they are when they have very little.

-Micah (age 12)


This is my favorite photo. It’s my favorite because I love how the little girl is so excited to see and taste the cold water. I also love that we are able to provide clean drinking water for the Haitians so they don’t get sick.

-Hannah (age 13)



My favorite day was when we visited the elderly. Antchola was my favorite, she reminded me of my great grandma. I rubbed lotion on her hand and I felt like Jesus was with us.

-Dakota (age 14)


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