Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 3 - Titanyen

Today our day started with a drive up the mountain to Grace Village in Titanyen (about an hour drive from the guest house). We had  a tour of the grounds including the bread ovens, aquaponics, class rooms and family style homes. Grace used to consist of dormitory-style living but this style of living proved to not be the best way for the children to adapt due to increasing behavior issues.  Grace implemented family style living in Haitian-style homes and this has made a huge difference in the children’s behaviors and demeanor.  We played on the playground with the children and gave out soccer balls and jump ropes. After Grace Village we headed to visit three elderly (Maricia, Antchola & Marie). All 3 women were very happy and seemed very grateful to have us visit. We washed their feet and massaged their arms and legs with lotion. What a treat for all of us, visiting the elderly is a highlight of my trips, they are all so frail but so strong. I believe their faith gets them through the hardest times. Marie is about 105, amazing women, a true blessing to interact with and visit.  I would love to provide them with so much more but they are so vulnerable and anything of value or use is stolen from them.  Before we left, we sang and prayed for each of the women. I pray God heard our prayers and will continue to provide and protect these amazing women. Our last stop of the day was Shalom Orphanage. There are about 14 kids, ages range from 2-16. The kids were quiet and sweet, so very sweet.  It is a tiny place with not the greatest conditions, although the children seemed taken care of. We gave them beach balls, snacks that Cade’s class made, soccer balls, jump ropes and bubbles.  I love and hate the orphanage visits. It is so heartbreaking. I love it when I am there with them and seeing their faces light up brings me joy, but leaving tears my heart in two. I think we all want to sneak a little one to take home and love.  Finished the day off with Pizza at Pizza Amore, God truly has blessed all of us with this trip.

- Lucy

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